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California Hiking Trails - The Best Hiking Trails In California

Montana De Oro State Park/San Luis Obispo

Montana De Oro Map Preview The Montana de Oro State Park hiking trails are just beautiful! The Bluff Trail is a wide trail traveling along the coast with several single path trails branching of the main trail so you can get a closer look over the bluffs. This is a very easy hike with lots to see. Gofers, rabbits, seagulls, and even rattlesnakes call the bluffs home. The parks name “mountain of gold” is fitting with so many golden wildflowers. The costal view from the trail was amazing and the rock formations below the bluffs will definitely intrigue you.Read More

Hygiene On The Trail

Hygiene On The Trail Image Hygiene has to be on the top of the list. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi are waiting for a sucker to come by for they can have a new home. Most often it’s the other way around, humans are a walking talking petri dish. If we get sick in the wilderness it is usually our own fault because improper hygiene. Remember what your mother use to tell you? “Make sure you wash your hands and don’t just rinse them use soap!” Mom was correct, the number one way of not getting sick on the trail. Read More

Vasquez Rocks/Agua Dulce

Vasquez Rocks Map Preview Image Vasquez Rocks reminds me of the movie 2012 when John Cusack is driving the RV trying to get to the plane. This place will remind you that we live in California and the power of earthquakes. First of all the trail names are pretty much non-existent. The only signage you find are these four-foot posts saying “stay on trail” “horse trail” or “foot trail.” There are lots of trails with no signs out here. Some connect to other trails and some dead-end, usually at a place you wanted to see anyway. Read More

Inspiration Point/Santa Barbara

Inspiration Point Preview Image The trail to Inspiration Point is one of those great California trails. With plenty of wildflowers and wild grass that grows 6ft. you will forget you are still in California. This is a place you can make a day of it not just because of the trail but you will be in the center of some great Santa Barbara sites. The Santa Barbara Mission is 2 miles before the trail and the Botanic Gardens are 1.5 miles away for the trailhead. As you are driving up Tunnel road parking will be on the right. Read More

How To Avoid Being Eaten By A Black Bear

Black Bear-Steve Hillebrand Image One study estimated that there were 750,000 to 900,000 black bears distributed across North America, and their numbers have been growing. A recent study in the Journal of Wildlife Management documented 59 fatal black bear attacks, resulting in 63 human deaths, in the United States and Canada from 1900 through 2009. And the scientists learned that many of our assumptions about bear dangers are wrong. The most important finding is that it is lone, hungry males. Read More

Chantry Flat/Arcadia

Chantry Flat Map Preview Image I recently had the pleasure to experience the Chantry Flat trails in Angeles National Forest. What a great area for hikers! As I drove up to the parking lot I was happy to see there was plenty of parking and the all-important bathroom at the trailhead. I put my National Forest Adventure Pass on the mirror, grabbed my pack and start walking towards the trail. At the trailhead there is an informative sign with 5 locations and the distance to them. You start off on the Gabrielino Trail. Read More

Mt. Pinos/Frazier Park

Mt. Pinos Map Preview Image Mt. Pinos is for those hikers looking for the great outdoor adventure. The Forest Route 9N24 which leads to a wildlife observation point which has great views of the surrounding mountains and valley’s is an easy hike with an average slop of 6.9% and is only a distance of 1.78 miles. Mt. Pinos elevation is 8800ft. so bring your coat even in June there is snow on the ground. The hike scenery is full of large pine trees, squirrels searching for food, and an occasional deer. Read More

Towsley Canyon/Santa Clarita

Towsley Canyon Map Preview Image What a great hiking trail this is! Right off Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita, this is a nice place to get a quick hiking fix. This trail has everything to train for your next long hike. Max slope of 33.9% average slope is 9.3%. Good switchbacks that keep you guessing where you are going. The trees and high brush offer nice shading for about 40% of this hiking trail very handy on those hot summer days. There is a lot to see here, Wild flowers, Tar pits, caves, streams, birds, squirrels and lots of snakes in the spring and summer. Read More

La Jolla Canyon/Malibu

La Jolla Canyon Map Preview The La Jolla Canyon Trails has to be one of my favorite places for hiking. With so many connecting trails the drive is well worth your time. The trails are well maintained and offer a variety of terrains. Some of the trails are very narrow so you feel you are part of the land, not just viewing it. La Jolla Canyon Trail has canopies of brush, which offer a nice place to cool off on those hot summer days. On the La Jolla Canyon Loop Trail you will find beautiful large fields of wild grass. Read More

Hiking Top Ten Tips

Hiking Top Ten Tips ImageBefore starting out on a hike there are some things you should consider. Know your own physical abilities. Do not make your first trip to the top of Mount Everest. Know your location. Before you go on a hike look at a map and plan your starting and ending points. Wear appropriate clothing. Maybe you are just going on a 3-mile hike so, you are dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt but what happens if you are injured or the trail you are on is now impassable? Read More

Prevention of Blisters During Hiking

Prevention Of Blisters ImageIt is important that you plan ahead to prevent blisters, when on a hike. Socks are an integral part of your clothing when you go for a hike. To prevent blisters on your feet, your first defense could be wearing proper socks. Socks should be light and made of light material. It is ideal that you wear a synthetic sock that is a perfect fit and does not have any bulky seams. Over this you should then wear a wool or wool blend sock of medium weight. Read More

First Aid Kits That Are Important For Camping

First Aid Kits That Are Important For Camping ImageExploring the woods, mountains, hiking trails, and other fun camping sites has been a beloved outdoor activity for ages now. There are so many ways to fully maximize nature that it would be impossible to enumerate in one article. But one thing that's a must to have make this an excellent experience is to have the right outdoor emergency kits and supplies. Supplies used for soothing burns, treating bites and even blocking the suns harmful rays have been around since the beginning of time. Read More